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LZ Series LED Grow Light

LZ Series LED Grow Light

100W 220W 400W 600W Dimmable Full Spectrum LED Grow Light


  • Imported Samsung & Osram LED chips
Full spectrum which helps seeds, flowers, fruits to increase production output.

  • Power supply:

Adopting Meanwell power supply, voltage input range is AC90-305V S0/ 60Hz,  with waterproof IP68 grade, full range of certification, suitable for planting requirements in different countries.

  • Can be cascaded dimming:
Dimming is 1-10V. The dimmer can be cascaded, up to 50 sets of dimming can be cascaded, easier operation.

  • The thickness of the lamp body is 4mm:

With a 4mm thick solid radiator, and the structure allows the LED driver and the radiator to maintain a distance   of 8-10 mm, and a special process is used to separate the  lamp body and the driving heat, which is conducive to better heat dissipation of the product and guarantee its service  life.

  • Product Detail
  • Instructions

100W 220W 400W 600W Dimmable Full Spectrum led grow light


★Instructions for use
1. The working voltage of this product: AC 90-305V 50/60 Hz, please do not exceed the working voltage range;

2. Please handle with care when transporting and storing, and don't press it heavily.

★Installation instructions
1. Install the hanging wire through the product, directly hanging above the plant, the recommended installation height is 30-60cm;
2. Working environment temperature -30℃-+55℃ storage;
3. When installing the lamps, the wiring and the wiring are closed to prevent leakage;

4. When connecting an external power cord, you must take corresponding measures for waterproofing and waterleakage;

5. The independent power supply box design is conducive to the heat dissipation of the lamp body, reduces light decay and prolongs the service life of the light source;
6. Support the system to connect to the Internet, which can realize intelligent control of lamps and lanterns and improve energy-saving benefits.

★Maintenance and repair instructions
1. Please make sure that the power has been cut off before maintenance;
2. Clean the surface of the lamps regularly to maintain high light transmitiance;
3. Be careful not to clean with water or strong corrosive solutions, it is best to use a dry cloth;
4. Clean the dust of the lamp housing and radiator regularly to maintain good heat dissipation performance;

1. This product has a 3-year and 5-year warranty for the entire lamp. Under normal conditions of use, quality assurance is based on the correct storage, installation, use and maintenance of the product;
2. Product damage caused by improper installation and use or violation of product operating procedures is not within the scope of the guarantee;
3.For quality problems during the warranty period, the company will choose to repair, exchange (parts) or replace withnew products during the warranty period;
4.methods to solve; beyond the warranty period, materials and labor will be charged appropriately.

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